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Federal Court


Long-Delayed Application:

The processing times for some applications pending at the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (“USCIS”) are longer than ever before. The USCIS holds a monopoly over all immigrants applying for green cards, citizenship and other applications, since it is the only agency authorized to adjudicate requests for immigration benefits. The USCIS cannot, however, force applicants to suffer through “unreasonable delays” for their applications to be completed. If your application has been delayed by USCIS, Immigration Court or the U.S. Consulate, do not despair. John J. Hykel can help to bring the case to a successful conclusion. Mr. Hykel has a program in place in his law office to constantly remind the U.S. Agency to complete their decision. He has also litigated cases successfully in Federal Court and has obtained Orders forcing the agency to make a decision.

Mr. Hykel has also had adverse decisions of the agencies set aside and has obtained Orders from Federal Courts ordering the agency to grant the applications for temporary visa status or permanent resident status.

He has litigated cases in the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals and U.S. District Court and has been successful in having orders of the Executive Office for Immigration Review and Immigration & Customs Enforcement vacated and set aside. He has litigated petitions for review, habeas corpus, mandamus and declaratory judgment actions.

Mr. Hykel’s practice is national in scope. He represents clients in the surrounding cities and states, including Mount Laurel, New Jersey; Newark , New Jersey; New York, New York; Baltimore , Maryland; and other areas throughout the United States.

If you feel frustrated because your application has been pending too long without decision or if you feel that your decision was not fair, contact Mr. Hykel’s law office in Philadelphia for a consultation. We can help you!

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