Practice Areas

Practice Areas


John J. Hykel is a Philadelphia immigration lawyer whose practice is limited to immigration and citizenship matters.  He has expertise in all areas of immigration and citizenship law, including:

  • Federal Appeals, including Petitions for Review, Petitions for Habeas Corpus, Petitions Mandamus and Appeals denied of Naturalization;
  • Employment Based Immigration;
  • Naturalization and Citizenship;
  • Exclusion, Deportation and Removal before the Immigration Court;
  • Family Based Immigration;
  • Employer Sanctions before the Administrative Law Judge;
  • Permanent residence based upon job offer or high level educational credentials where no job offer is needed;
  • Permanent residence base upon investment in a U.S. enterprise;
  • Permanent residence based upon religious occupation;
  • Permanent residence based upon marriage to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident;
  • Permanent residence based upon other family relationships, including U.S. citizen or permanent resident mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter;
  • Permanent residence based on Asylum or longer period of residence in the U.S.A.;
  • Temporary visas including temporary employment H-1B, specialty workers, H2A and H2B seasonal and temporary workers, H-3 trainees, L-1 intra company transferees, E-1, E-2 treaty investors and traders, NAFTA, F-1 student and B-1/2 visitor visa extensions and many more.

Mr. Hykel’s extensive experience in immigration and citizenship law will ensure that you have the strong immigration lawyer in your court that you deserve to help you and your family members fulfill your U.S. immigration dreams.

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