Why an Immigration Attorney is Your Best Bet

Why an Immigration Attorney is Your Best Bet


Immigration is not a DIY proposition…at least, not if you want to be successful. Those who attempt to do it themselves often encounter needless delays and frustrations at best and fail to meet their immigration goals at worst. 

Here are three reasons why hiring an immigration attorney is likely to be your best bet as you seek to navigate the process.

An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Choose the Right Visa

There are usually multiple visa types that might serve your needs, or at least buy you some time to pursue a change of status to the type of visa you actually want. You might assume you need one type of visa when another would be the smarter bet.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and trying to choose your visa from the long list of available options can be a daunting challenge.

An attorney can look over the facts of your case and help you determine what your best bet is. 

An Immigration Attorney Can Ensure Your Forms Are Correct

Immigration is a nightmarish bureaucracy. You often need to include multiple forms, statements, and documents with your application. It’s rarely one simple piece of paper.

An attorney can help you get the right forms and fill them out well enough to satisfy USCIS’s requirements.

Remember an immigration agent will be looking for reasons to deny your application. That’s the path of least resistance when they’re overwhelmed to begin with, and they’d rather err on the side of caution. If they can’t find a reason to deny it they’ll look for a reason to ask for more evidence. 

An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Give USCIS the Right Evidence the First Time

There is a long list of evidence that USCIS will need and want. This can include:

  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Bank records
  • Criminal records
  • Military service records
  • Proof of residency

They may also want photographs, letters, testimonies, or other bits of helpful documentation. Getting it all right the first time reduces paperwork and time. In addition there are details you need to pay attention to, such as being aware that you’ll need certified translations of all these documents. 

Giving all the evidence right from the start prevents needless request for evidence requests (RFEs).

Need Help?

Hiring an immigration attorney isn’t as expensive or as difficult as you might fear. It is in fact the best way to save time and money. Filing and refiling and appealing all cost lots of money. Doing it right the first time costs comparatively little.

Get a consultation today to determine if we’re the right option for you. 

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